Tuesday, 20 February 2018

New News

Hey, out there in the real world, it’s been awhile. Don’t worry we’re still very much here. Time is strange. Sometimes things move so fast while others everything remains rather still and silent.

That same flimsily worded, Buddhist analogy is one that seems to be shared by Arika. For those who don’t know who I’m talking about and think I’m addressing a mysterious new guru in my life, don’t worry it’s not that exciting. Arrika are that tiny Japanese company who put together the Street Fighter EX games.

It only seems like yesterday, in fact, that Abe and me stumbled upon Street Fighter EX in our local arcade after ducking out of school for lunch, back in dinosaur times. I don’t remember if we ever made it back. They were fun, mind numbing games, back then. Not terribly great.

Well, those exact “not great” games had an ugly third cousin (once removed) called Fighting Layer. Fighting Layer may sound like some inedible, possibly toxic cake mixture but, in fact, is actually an unplayable, possibly toxic fighting game. It has also, very abruptly, resurfaced.

  one happy customer

With a delay that can only rival Chinese Democracy, the two dozen or so people mad enough to still be working at Arika without going completly Daffy have finally produced their first game in over eighteen years. So how will this Layer sit with gamers?

Honestly? It looks...fun. I have no idea who asked for this, why it's happening or what's going on, but it looks fun.

Maybe check it out this April Fools Day on the PS4. Yes, that’s when and where this randomness is allegedly happening.

*edit: the release date has now been pushed back to June*