Friday, 29 August 2014

New 3DS & New 3DS XL Announced

Well this is surprising, we knew there was a Japanese 3DS direct today but everyone thought it will be a run of the mill "upcoming games" direct boy was we wrong!

Update: Nintendo UK has said we won't see the device till 2015, Apparently (unconfirmed) the N3DS will launch alongside Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Update 2: Seemingly backing up the rumour of the new system launching along side MH4U in the west, Nintendo has announced an Japanese bundle featuring the NEW 3DS XL and MH4G (which is the Japanese name of MH4U). Just to be clear MH4U is NOT a N3DS game but will "accept" the new buttons.

Update 2: Here is the announce trailer from the Japanese direct

Original Story: Meet the NEW 3DS and NEW 3DS XL (N3DS), let's get this clear these aren't your usual refresh/new design. According to the Nintendo direct these consoles feature a better screen where the 3D effect works at greater angle, NFC (for Amiibo), micros SD slot, triggers and a C-Button that will act as an analogue stick. (like the circle pad pro).

But most importantly Nintendo announced that Xenoblade Chronicles is getting a remake exclusive to the N3DS. The reason for the exclusivity? The N3DS has more powerful CPU. Apparently the game was something they wanted to do with the "old" 3DS but it simply wasn't possible.

An update is also on its way that will give us themes for the 3DS's menu. Starting with Mario and Zelda Themes.

Abe's Take
This is a surprising move, creating an sub generation of 3DS that can play games the other models can't. I want it on record that I predicted an 3DS Pro with these features to act as a backup Wii U gamepad.

I don't foresee major issues as long as the western naming is clear enough that these exclusive games won't work on 3DS. I suggest Super 3DS (i really like the SNES buttons on the N3DS) or 3DS U

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