Thursday, 17 July 2014

We've Been Gone

Some folk might have noticed a certain lack of... activity around here and well you'll be right.

There have been various shake ups here at the GK-UK Moon Base that has greatly altered my timetables and the site is not easy to do anything worthwhile  with using the mobile app but now a routine has been found and site should return to "normal".

You'll notice that it looks a little different around here. I've played around with the colour scheme, some folk (you know who you are!) complained about the old one "burning the Retina from their face" which isn't too helpful for reading. I'm currently experimenting with different layouts and page styles so nothing set in stone (which is why the reviews page is still in "eye bleed classic" for now), if you see anything you like/don't like make sure to tell and we'll see what we can do

Which brings us nicely to another change. We've switched the comments system over to DISQUS. The Google comments was great for established Google users and spread it around G+ nicely but wasn't that great for non-Google members, new visitors and quick commenter. It should now be possible to post using your Facebook/Google/Twitter details or as a named guest. The Disqus system  will send you an email if someone replies to your or an comment you've replied to so you can keep up with the conversation with little effort. It is the hope that we can build a community of awesome gamers.

We've got some stuff coming up which includes Destiny Beta plans, A feature called "Did they fix That?" where we try out games deemed unfinished at launch now to see if they can in-fact be played and reviews should start appearing more often and be branching out to more than games.

We hope to see people around and we'll catch you soon
                                                                                        The Game Knights - UK team
The Game Knights UK Team.... Looks not.. like this

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