Friday, 29 June 2018

RUMOUR: Xbox mods?

Hi there, been a while hasn't it? I've been looking for a reason to jump back on here but haven't found the right thing to jump on. I was planning on jumping back with E3 but nothing really grabbed me. Sure Starfield is a thing but so far it's an... well a short vid of a starfield. There was that kiss that got all the attention for the wrong reason (That's going to produce some heat, I sense a follow up). Microsoft announced they bought some studios and stealth announced a new generation. 

So why come back today? Well, something that might actually be big, something that might shake things up a bit.

Windows Central has been shown leaked documents that outline "Xbox community content platform." Now I know that sounds like a bunch of PR approved words stacked together, because it is. This feature does have a more colloquial term (that I totally spoilt in the title CLICKS BE DAMNED) Modding.

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Goku In GTA V
According to WC the documents say this would be a platform-wide feature (think achievements, Kinect) that only needs to be enabled by the developer, the devs will have control over parts of the game can be modded or apply any limitations they want. So, all in all, sounds very much like the modding system Bethesda started with Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition, which also... inspired Cities: Skylines and one of those Farm Simulator game's console mods). There does seem to be one difference between this system and the Bethesda system, it appears as Microsoft themselves will be hosting the mod libraries, This should mean we shouldn't have to sign into secondary accounts

When could we see this feature? well the documents say "later this (northern hemisphere) summer"

Abe's Take
And back to the start, why this news story? Microsoft after years of stopping it decided to push for crossplay, we now have crossplay everywhere (well almost everywhere) Microsoft pushing mods as a feature of their platform should give Nintendo and Sony the kick to join in on the fun (not holding my breath on Sony.) Platform-wide modding, like Indie games before it, should cause the "big boys" to share the spotlight and in effect shake things up, even just a little bit.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Shen Long to Finally Appear in Street Fighter 30th Switch

It seems Capcom have been busy making yet another edit to Street Fighter 2 for the upcoming 30th anniversary.

Fans of Street Fighter will be delighted to know that Shen Long will finally be making an apperance in the Switch release of Street Fighter 30th - due for release next month. Provided as a bonus for Nintendo fans who were disappointed at not receiving a Street Fighter IV for their home systems, Street Fighter II dash Dragon Punch will be included as an unlockable extra should certain requirments be met.

The elusive hidden character is finally licensed.

We at Game Knights are not one to speculate on rumors, but instructions on how to access the exclusive licensed edition have surfaced around the 30th anniversary's rom file of Super Street Fighter II Turbo, often considered the hardest game in the series.

The player must be on the harbour stage (Ken's) and land a double perfect with Zangief's Final Atomic Buster which must put Ken through the barrel. Should this occur the game will continue as normal. It is imperative that Akuma then be reached who must then be Final Atomic Bustered through both of Bison's statues. No perfect is necessary, thankfully. Following this, Street Fighter II' Dragon Punch will appear on the game select screen. The game will play like Super Street Fighter II Turbo but Akuma's sprite has now been replaced by Shen Long.

You Have A Lot of Work to Do.

Shen Long is a long awaited edition to the series having been teased, rumored and speculated since the early 90s. It is not known how valid these new rumors are or indeed if anyone can ever reach Shen Long in their lives. Come May, myself and others will certainly give it a crack. Good luck everyone! 

The EGM April Fool's Joke

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

New News

Hey, out there in the real world, it’s been awhile. Don’t worry we’re still very much here. Time is strange. Sometimes things move so fast while others everything remains rather still and silent.

That same flimsily worded, Buddhist analogy is one that seems to be shared by Arika. For those who don’t know who I’m talking about and think I’m addressing a mysterious new guru in my life, don’t worry it’s not that exciting. Arrika are that tiny Japanese company who put together the Street Fighter EX games.

It only seems like yesterday, in fact, that Abe and me stumbled upon Street Fighter EX in our local arcade after ducking out of school for lunch, back in dinosaur times. I don’t remember if we ever made it back. They were fun, mind numbing games, back then. Not terribly great.

Well, those exact “not great” games had an ugly third cousin (once removed) called Fighting Layer. Fighting Layer may sound like some inedible, possibly toxic cake mixture but, in fact, is actually an unplayable, possibly toxic fighting game. It has also, very abruptly, resurfaced.

  one happy customer

With a delay that can only rival Chinese Democracy, the two dozen or so people mad enough to still be working at Arika without going completly Daffy have finally produced their first game in over eighteen years. So how will this Layer sit with gamers?

Honestly? It I have no idea who asked for this, why it's happening or what's going on, but it looks fun.

Maybe check it out this April Fools Day on the PS4. Yes, that’s when and where this randomness is allegedly happening.

*edit: the release date has now been pushed back to June*