Friday, 3 April 2015

Reclaim Your Dead PC Games

CD Projekt developers of The Witcher series, Masters of DRM-free gaming and internets good guys have yet another project on that should please long time PC gamers.

Galaxy Not Required
PC gaming has changed a lot over the last decade with the success of Steam and it's rival platforms. They have managed to do something that console gamers are still fighting, going digital. Time was you bought a game, enter the CD key, install and play but now that CD key is usually an redemption code for steam or another service, which yields advantages like cloud support so even if the disc is damaged or lost you can still play your game.

But what about those games not tied to these platforms or to platforms now passed? well Good Old Games has you back. They are starting to roll out a new service "reclaim your games" where you can use that old CD key to get a FREE and completely DRM less digital copy. Initially starting with the STALKER games but will roll out to new games as they can, which involved hunting down the now lost CD key databases and negotiate with whoever holds the rights to the games.

Abe's Take
I can see obvious problems with old games published by EA and Valve with this plan, they obviously dont want you having you retrieve games though others but regardless this is a great move by possibly the industries good guys. whether it's keeping prices fair choosing to swallow the cost of exchange rates instead of artificially hiking prices for set regions or completely rejecting things DRM and a paid DLC.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Nintendo Direct Round UP

I had a different idea for today's Nintendo Direct but someone set their HOURGLASS properly and as such we're back to boring list style. What was Interesting about this Direct was some of the leaks was half right, so well done to you cheeky internet snake oil dealers.

Smash Bro's DLC

We knew Mewtwo was returning but we now know when and how much for those who didn't register both Smash Bro's for Wii U/3DS. April 28th and for the price of £3.59/€3.99 for either system but can be bought for both systems for £4.99/€3.99. However those who did will get it April 15th.

This is just the beginning of Smash Bro's DLC, An upcoming patch will add new storefront to SSMB. There will be DLC costumes for Mii Fighters both original and "crossover" outfits, each of these costumes will cost £0.69/€0.79 for one version or £1.09/€1.19 for both systems. Which is pretty damn cheap seeing as 2 costumes on Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires will set you back £3.
Lucas returns to Smash Bros in June (we suspect for the same price for Mewtwo BUT he wont be the last and best yet we get to name what ever character we like to see in the future. Obviously Nintendo might not be able to make the winner into DLC if it's a third party but they will try. Head HERE to nominate your favourite character. All DLC characters will receive Amiibos.

Tap & Play Amiibo: Nintendo Classic Highlights
This new title coming in May, uses your Amiibo to play "scenes" from classic NES and SNES games. Repeated taps of the same Amiibo changes the "scene" allowing you play another level from the game. Obviously because not all the Amiibo's had titles on the NES/SNES games are randomly assigned to Amiibo's when they are first used in the software.

Mario Maker
Mario Maker is now the official Mario 30th anniversary flagship title. We don't know much more other than we WILL be able to chain levels together to make our own Mario games and it will launch in September (hey that the same month as 30 years ago!). Mario Maker WONT be limited to just a digital release and no doubt will get a special edition.

Yoshi's Wooly World

We got to see more of the title and the games two modes Classic: aimed at veteran players and will provided an challange and Mellow: gives Yoshi wings and is aimed at younger children but you can switch between the two at will. Nintendo also showcased its Amiibo functionality, tapping an Yoshi Amiibo spawns an 2nd Yoshi allowing single players to preform all the Co-op moves. Yoshi's Wooly World gets its own knitted plush Amiibo, Yes those adorable wooly Yoshi's are full Amiibos Bioth Amiibo and game will be available June 26th and there is a special edition Game X Amiibo pack


Splatton showed of its ranked matches, its new Splat Zones mode (think King of the hill)and new local 1v1 local Battle Dojo mode: players pop balloons whilst learning the MP maps and weapons.
They also announced it will get its own Amiibo range. Male Inkling and Female Inkling will be available instores with the game May 29th, there is also a third Squid Inkling Amiibo that's exclusive to the limited edition of the game (in the US its exclusive to an 3-pack). What do Amiibo's do? they give exclusive missions that yield in game currency and gear (clothes).

Affordable Space Adventures  
An indie game we've had our eyes on for a while as it showcases an interesting Gamepad mechanic where all of the ships functions are displayed on the gamepad, each system costs power, of which you only have a limited amount of. The detailed the games co-op mode where player must work as a crew not as seperate ships. This potential friendship destroyer will hit April 9th.

Virtual Console Update
We're finally getting N64 and DS games on Wii U. Mario 64 and Donkey Kong 64 will be the first N64 games, where as the DS get MarioKart DS and WarioWare DS. Available now there is also a special offer buy 3 get the 4th for free. Two new Wii titles are coming to Wii U, Pandora's Tower (April 16th) and Sin & Punishment (April 30th)

Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei
After 2 years of silence and much despair we finally got to see this title. however it doesn't look like either core series of SMT or FE but instead looks like SMT's modern day spin off Persona. check out the impressive trailer below.

Fatal Frame
Yes, the excellent looking survival horror is finally coming to the west this year, Fans have been screaming for this title since it's Japanese release and we'll learn more at E3.

Mario Kart 8
The final Wii U news showcased the Animal Crossing x Mario Kart DLC featuring 8 tracks, 4 vehicles, 3 (4 if you count villager genders) characters and a "racing style" version of the Animal Crossing theme recorded live. The DLC will now hit April 23rd and not May.

At the same time there will be an update will add nine new Amiibo costumes for Mii's based on Mega Man, Pac-Man, Sonic, Toad, Wario, Villager, Rosalina, Bowser and Oilmar. In news that will either terrify or delight, for the first time ever 200cc racing hits Mario Kart, not only will the AI be craftier but the increase in speed will require "good braking skill" and will certainly shake off the cobwebs. 

We now switch other to the 3DS starting with Attack on Titan
For the first time the increasingly popular anime series is getting a western release for it's 3DS game Humanity in Chains. A 4 player coop action game set in the anime's universe where you'll battle giant naked men ( i'll happily admit I don't follow this anime) and in order to get use in the mood Nintendo will put up the first 2 episodes of the anime on the eShop. The game hits the eShop (no physical release) in May

Azure Striker Gunvolt
we're finally getting an UK/EU release of both ASG and its free 8-bit demake Mighty Gunvault featuring Mighty Number 9 characters, both will the games and themes hit April 2nd... THAT'S TODAY.

Box Boy!
Developed by Kirdy's developers and made in a charming monochrome (think gameboy) art style and features puzzle platformer, oddly reminiscent of Limbo but with squares...

Pokemon Rumble World
Nintendo latest free to play attempt is an adventure game base on the Pokemon Rumble series, The "diamonds" earned both through gameplay and REAL MONEY are used to unlock new levels not new mon directly.

Street Pass
on April 16th Street pass is getting 2 new games, one fishing and one zombies. Fishing is much like previous SP games but zombies is actually an action game where street pass Mii's hobbies determine what weapon you receive. There is also a separate VIP purchase that ISNT a season pass but adds a VIP room and birthdays to street pass. Which doesn't seem to have any value...

Fire Emblem
In a departure for the series the player created character is the focus of the story instead of being the main's ally. This time the story is there are two kingdoms The peace loving Hoshido and the glory seeking Nohr. Your character is born of the Royal Family of Hoshido but raised the the Royal Family of Nohr. It's up to the player to decide which path. The Hoshido sides features a traditional story (Traditional here meaning historic Japanese) whereas the Nohr will feature a tougher challenge as you try to revolutionise an "unruly" Kingdom from within. This untitled Fire Emblem will hit Japan this year as SEPARATE releases but the western release is to be bundled together next year.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

An spin off of the main franchise with a focus on designing houses for the various villagers. However the villagers are unlocked in new Amiibo Cards. These aren't the replacements for out of stock figure Amiibo but are all new featuring the many villagers of the series. Scanning the cards summons the character into the house you are currently working on and unlocks that characters house. The game and cards will hit in autumn and will also bring the Amiibo adapter for the old 3DS family.

Abe's Take
There was a lot of surprises here for a "release date direct". I'm excited for a lot of these details and shocked to see the costume DLC for Smash being so low SIXTY NINE PENCE!

It is clear that Nintendo is going all in with Amiibo, which is quickly becoming a platform of its own. I'm not sold on some of their functionality but the designs are cool enough to buy. Which i suppose is the idea with them working across multiple titles.

I was hoping for them to acknowledge the Zelda delay, Xenoblade X release date or StarFox but almost everything today was set for before E3, so i'm guessing we'll see more (except Zelda) at E3.

Now i'm off to spam Bayonetta and Monster Hunter characters on the Nintendo page