Friday, 3 April 2015

Reclaim Your Dead PC Games

CD Projekt developers of The Witcher series, Masters of DRM-free gaming and internets good guys have yet another project on that should please long time PC gamers.

Galaxy Not Required
PC gaming has changed a lot over the last decade with the success of Steam and it's rival platforms. They have managed to do something that console gamers are still fighting, going digital. Time was you bought a game, enter the CD key, install and play but now that CD key is usually an redemption code for steam or another service, which yields advantages like cloud support so even if the disc is damaged or lost you can still play your game.

But what about those games not tied to these platforms or to platforms now passed? well Good Old Games has you back. They are starting to roll out a new service "reclaim your games" where you can use that old CD key to get a FREE and completely DRM less digital copy. Initially starting with the STALKER games but will roll out to new games as they can, which involved hunting down the now lost CD key databases and negotiate with whoever holds the rights to the games.

Abe's Take
I can see obvious problems with old games published by EA and Valve with this plan, they obviously dont want you having you retrieve games though others but regardless this is a great move by possibly the industries good guys. whether it's keeping prices fair choosing to swallow the cost of exchange rates instead of artificially hiking prices for set regions or completely rejecting things DRM and a paid DLC.

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