Friday, 16 September 2016

Moana Trailer Review

So, with the newest trailer just released, I think it's time to analyse and generally comment on the upcoming Disney film – Moana.

If you've not seen the trailer yet, find it below and watch away. Or skip ahead to the review beneath.

I've watched this trailer a few times now, and I can't help but feel that this particular Disney movie might just be better than Frozen. It definitely has the potential to be at the very least on the same level. From the other trailers unveiled, it promises fun family moments and most likely a few life lessons too - as Disney does so well.
The trailers don't really reveal too much of the plot aside from the obvious - a young girl, apparently chosen by the sea, sets out to find a demi-god who is supposed to stop a catastrophe from happening to her home.  Why there is a chicken involved, I don't know. I'm sure it will have some comedic value, as seen when it ducks in time to avoid being skewered.

Dwayne Johnson plays Maui, Shape Shifter, Demi-God of the Wind and Sea, Hero of Man. That's one hell of a title, and he's very proud of it from what I can tell. 
From how he reacts to discovering Moana behind the boat, I'd guess he isn't too used to seeing or being around people.

Auli-i Cravalho plays Moana, who has a friendship with the ocean. Further digging into the internet reveals that Moana is the only daughter of the chief of her island, a home to navigators. It's not really explained why she is the one who sets out to find Maui, but I suppose it's likely to be because of her connection with the sea.

From the rumours of this story being about friendship, which seems to be the new thing along with non-romantic love when it comes to Disney, I can only imagine what adventurous mishaps will occur with Maui and Moana. Especially given the "Really? Blow dart in my butt cheek.", anyone with a sense of humour will at least giggle at that.

I sincerely hope the movie does well, and will be going to see it at the cinema when possible. Leave comments if you like, and by all means put forward any movies you want reviewed/mentioned.

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