Monday, 22 February 2016

New Pokemon Game This Year, More NX?

Everyone has been waiting for the metaphorical other poke shoe to drop. By that we mean the 3rd version to Pokemon X and Y. Long assumed to be Pokemon Z (certainly helps that the new Legendary Pokemon starts with a Z and the new series is called Pokemon XY & Z) but this being the 20th Anniversary of those little monsters could something else be happening?

Today's rumour comes via SuperMetalDave64 again. Today the 'Metallic David' has claims that his unnamed source have showed him the NoA WiiU/3DS 2016 marketing budget. We'll get to the content of that in a minute. First his source gives us some interesting details such as that Nintendo is built in a cell like structure so no one section know the entirety of the big picture and suggest caution to any leak giving out two broad of information and that the NDA's regarding the NX means that each developer studio will only know of its own game.

Next up is that the Nintendo NX Launch games for 2016 besides Zelda NX and marketing focus remain hidden for now. The 3DS $56.25 million marketing budget for 2016 total whilst the Wii U $34.5 million marketing budget for 2016 total. With Zelda Wii U has $10 million with the possibility of the funding being switched to Zelda NX version depending on launch timing in 2016.

The 3DS  rumoured line up is a lot more "robust" than the Wii U, basically its list vs bullet points.
3DS release list 2016:

Spring-Early Summer
Mario and Sonic Rio 2016
Nintendo Selects Wave 1
Hyrule Warriors Legends
Disney Art Academy [this one is actually backed up buy a separate rumour]
Bravely Second
Code Name: “Caviar F” (casual friendly smaller budget game)
Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Code name: “Torte City” (big budget unannounced game for all gamers core/all ages)
Dragon Quest VII
Code name: “Cadillac” (casual friendly smaller budget game late summer)

3DS Hardware Price Cut
Code name: “N-Stars” big budget game for all ages
Nintendo Selects Wave 2
Code name: “DMW2” possibly Disney Magical World 2
Dragon Quest VIII
Pok√©mon 20th Anniversary game, code-named “Niji” Japanese translation: “Rainbow” 

Before we move on to the Wii U list lets quickly talk about Pokemon. I'd doubtful Rainbow will be its actual title, though Rainbow would be a perfect title for an anniversary Pokemon game with traveling to multiple regions. (Though looking back most of the colours of the Pokemon games are red and blue, think about it.)

Turning over to Wii U the list mainly covers the first 4/6 months. First up is some Minecraft x Nintendo project that will launch in a few months. The source is quick to point out this is probably the Nintendo exclusive DLC for the Wii U edition. Next up is the news that currently Star Fox is on track for an April release. The summer will see the Wii U version of Mario and Sonic at Rio 2016

Apparently the 2nd half of the years is mysteriously light and only features an new wave of "Nintendo Selects" titles, one unannounced title, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem and Zelda U.

Metal Dave's source explains this as the NX will be launching in 2016 at years end and that Zelda Wii U is being ported to the NX as a launch window game (so probably wont be out with the machine)

Abe's Take
All in all some interesting reading, I'm not sure of what to make of it yet but fortunately this rumour bundle is easy enough to verify. All of MetalDave's info comes from the one source and his details span the year. As time passes if events unfold differently to this list it casts greater doubt on his source. Damn E3 needs to hurry up. 

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