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Sleeping Dogs - Late Reveiw

Only a Little Late Review of 

Sleeping Dogs

Little Late Reviews - a review of an older title we only recently played

For disclosure I acquired Sleeping Dogs via Xbox Lives Games with Gold Promotion.

Sleeping Dogs was a surprise. A free title that made me regret not buying it. For a game with such troubled development having started life as True Crime 3 before being canceled by Activision (along with Ghostbusters and Brutal Legend) and bought by Square-Enix you'd imagine it be terrible as often the case (Duke Nukem Forever Aliens: Colonial Marines) but other than an issue of length it is an great game.

Hong Kong Nights

I never thought about Hong Kong being an setting for an open world Crime game before. Whilst i'm sure Hong Kong may have organised crime you never hear of it but it turned out to be a fantastic setting.
The island whilst a little hollow in the middle feels alive and lived in with all sorts of collectibles to be found.
The attention to detail spreads over to the population of Hong Kong there is less repeating civilians in a crowd. Some of them only have part of an arm !?!?!


Open world crime game you know how it'll play right? We'll you'd be surprisingly wrong. Guns are rare and you cant keep them after missions. Which forces you to use the wonderful Fighting, seemingly inspired by the Arkham Games. Your granted an attack button, a counter button and grab button whilst the first two are fairly straight forward but the last brings the games most visceral moments. 

Ancient Art of FACE BLENDER
You can pummel away at your enemy, (with upgrades) brake arms and legs. You can Judo throw and toss your enemies about and drag the to various environmental hazards; cars, phone boxes, AC Fans, phone boxes, buzz-saws and many more.

Brum Brum

Driving is a fairly standard arcade affair. Well with one exception - Action hijacking. you can leap from your car to another, Whilst not original certainly fits the game and helps out during missions. The cars and bikes aren't licensed but are clearly "inspired" by real world cars. 
The car physics can be a bit wonky but are fantastic during chases. Shooting out the tires of a pursing car or bike cause it to flip over and with the rag-doll physics lead to some amazing biker deaths .

To Do List

There is a host of things to do and Find. Shrines that increase health, Lock Boxes to find for money and clothing, CCTV cameras to hack, Drug dealers to bust, Martial arts fight clubs to unlock special outfits (bruce lee, Onk bak), the For-mentioned Jade statues, favors, Girlfriends, Karaoke bars and Races

On the Main missions front there is the primary Triad missions but also Police cases; whilst the Cases don't change the ending they do add more scenes more to the ending.

Actions during missions award (Triad) or subtract (Cop) XP at then end of missions. Increasing you Cop, Triad and Face (overall/general) levels allow you to unlock abilities from various skill trees 

And finally; Shenmue !?!?!  

I spent a small portion of the game collecting the Jade Statues that unlocm new moves, doing 'favours' (open world side missions) and beating on thugs dressed as Ryo Hazuki the star of Shenmue games. 

lets pretend its shenmue 3
The outfit is spot on and I have to believe was done intentionally as certain members of the Gaming Community (including us here at Game Knights UK) are crying out for a new Shenmue or even an HD port


Sleeping dogs was a treat to play and i whole hardheartedly recommend it. 
Having played this after GTA V, I prefer this in some ways. 
There is an fantastic little Karaoke game that plays like Rock Bank/Lips 

+ Amazing Fighting
+Living Hong Kong
+Limited Use of Guns
+ Shenmue Patch
+Die Hard Level

-Smallish World Map
-A Little Short for an open World Game
-Stiff Wild Animation

Sleeping Dogs Classics (Xbox 360) £14.22

Himaru's Take

This game surprised me, I was expecting something along the lines of True Crime LA or that awful Vin Diesel game, but it turned out to be very refreshing. After playing GTAOnline it was nice to have something a bit different, whilst being familiar. The first thing i noticed; was the combat and flexibility of the open world. I would often just drive around and look at the vast cityscape, strolling into the market and purchasing some noodles or customising Wei's clothes and appearance, looking at the bustling night life or rumble down a back alley and beat up some thugs, I loved hijacking buses and driving around picking up passengers, because i'm a badass like that.
There were a vast amount of side quests and 'favours' that kept me busy when i didn't want to progress with the story. the CCTV hacking was a fun pastime for me and trying to obtain enough 'Face' to acquire new clothes and vehicles to make Wei more "Gangsta"

All in all, I enjoyed Sleeping Dogs. It could have done with a bit more meat on its bones, but for a free download, I ain't complaining. And will return to it again in the near future to start afresh, and Hopefully I won't screw Wei's life up too badly. hah!

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