Monday, 5 January 2015

We're back, also destiny leak!

Well we're back, sorry for the long absence but I returned from work one day to discover my PC work area had been transformed into a festive winter wonderland (including artificial snow) with the PC buried behind a wall of gifts and decorations. It was lost to me but now that winter wonderland has thawed and we return with news!

So it seems that Bungie had some super secret meeting about their future plan for destiny but a blurry picture has managed to squirm it's way free and judging from how fast Bungies ban hammer landed on the forum users who posted the image we can assumes its fairly accurate.

It's hard to see in the picture (curse JPEG) but its seem the next expansion "House of wolves" will hit March 15th and will add the same amount of content as "Deep Below" but interestingly that's not the end as the 2 pack "Expansion Pass" suggests. 

On Destiny's first birthday not only is a GOTY (game of the year) edition being released, which will feature the first 2 expansions but also another content pack (not an expansion) called "Plague of Darkness" which will apparently feature  several strikes, one raid, 3 new sub classes, 2 new weapons types, an brand new patrol area "Hive Ship" and 12 story missions. Which sounds rather meaty when compared to the 3 missions, 1 strike and 1 raid of the first two "expansions".

the following March (2016) will see them return to the smaller packs with the launch of "Expansion Pack 3" which appears to be Vex based.  The following summer Destiny's forth and final "expansion" pack  "Forge of Gods" launch, which if the pattern hold will be Cabel focused. Which leads us to the late 2016/early 2017 release date for Destiny 2.

Abe's Take
Whilst this looks like a fair amount of content the (insultingly named) expansion packs are very light on content for their £20 price tag. So what are they going to charge for the (true) expansion "Plague of Darkness"? I cant help but feel it'll rhyme with Smorty Smounds. We found both Destiny and (more so) its first DLC insultingly light on content but "PoD" sounds a lot better

I wouldn't be surprised to find that the 4 "expansions" was in fact originally Add-ons or Mission packs and Activision decided that they could charge more for expansions.  

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  1. After the reviews appeared for the DLC (not calling them expansions any more!) I was worried destiny's potential would be wasted, the news of a true expansion bundled with a GOTY edition has made me feel alot better