Tuesday, 29 July 2014

EA Unviels Xbox Exclusive Program - UPDATE II

EA was a big fan on Microsoft's always online vision for the Xbox One sure it took the pressure off them regarding online passes and 2nd hand sales but they also saw potential in its "your content, everywhere" approach and its strong digital presence and had idea's about their own sub membership and now we have first details of EA Access 

Just what is EA Access? I hear you ask though the soundless void of the internet. It's a secondary subscription within Xbox Live for Xbox One £3.99 a month £19.99 a year (Currently seeking confirmation because that seems to be quite the gap between monthly and annual cost) that offers benefits to (assuming) Gold members

The Vault - Unlimited access to "the greatest EA games on Xbox One" that's Fifa 14, Madden 25, Peggle 2 and Battlefield 4. (the press release refers this list as "Beta users have access to" unsure if the Vault itself if locked to beta users or if the game list is limited in beta) UPDATE: Full game access is for all users and will expand after launch!

Early Access - Access members get access to digital trails for 5 days before launch and any save data transfers across to the full game (unaware if this happens for retail as well as digital) Fifa 15, NBA 15 and Dragon Age are all confirmed Early Access games UPDATE: different games will have different amount of content available in their pre-releases. Some will be full games with a time limit others will be unlimited but only be one mode of the game but data will transfer to the full title regardless of the form (of the trail or the full release so buy retail if you want)

Discounts - Access members receive 10% of ANYTHING EA from the Xbox store. That's full games, DLC, micro-transactions or anything with an EA sticker. UPDATE: The small print excludes Titanfall from discounts which I suspect is due to their contract with developers Respawn

The service hit's Beta today and will launch in Europe "soon"

Abe's Take
This is very tempting just for Early Access to Dragon Age and (possibly) Mass Effect 4. If Battlefield Hardline is featured in this too it will help players burned by the BF4 release know the game will preform.


  1. Ben HellPass Malpas29 July 2014 at 20:19

    sounds fancy to me

  2. Fancy yet surprisingly un-costly, I suspect you'll see more Battlefield 4 in preowned shops soon