Thursday, 29 December 2016

Old Republic pays tribute to Carrie Fisher

Not exactly an event I wanted to return on but felt ignoring the passing of Carrie Fisher in favour of yet another Nintendo Switch rumour would be wrong. More so in the light of her mother Debbie Reynolds also passing.

Fans across the Star Wars fandom have been paying tribute but a certain one has our attention. Thousands of Fans have been amassing in Star Wars: The Old Republic's version of Alderann (the adoptive homeworld of Fisher's character) to pay tribute to the late actress, writer and activist.  PC gamer is reporting that high-level players have been wiping out the mods to allow low level (and new) players to reach the ancestral home of the Organa family. Players have also organised a petition asking for a statue based on Fisher's likeness be placed where the players are paying their respects.

Abe's Take.
Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia is a shared childhood memory for all the GK-UK team, Our hearts go out to her daughter Billie Lourd who had lost too much over the last week.

Editorial notice: Yes we are aware of the "issue" with the SWTOR tribute and ATM don't care about the implications on the films.

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