Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Fatal Frame / Project Zero / Zero Sequel Annouced For Wii U

Well... Wasn't expecting this. 

From Project Zero 2 : Wii Edition
UPDATE: According to Official Nintendo Magazine Nintendo are co-developing the title

A new Project Zero game is heading to Wii U. For those who don't know Project Zero/Fatal Frame/Zero is a Japanese survival horror title where the characters only defence is a camera. It might take a few moments to realise how great this game could be using the Wii U game pad as the camera.

Not much is know about the title at the moment only that it's exclusive, will have a tie in comic and a movie! We don't know if the title will reach western Wii U's but considering A) it's a Tecmo Koei game and they'll port anything  B) the last game did come eventually and C) Nintendo is "helping" the game* it seems likely it'll appear at some-point.

*Nintendo has realised the gap in western games for Wii U/3DS and has been working with it's partners to release Japanese "only" titles over hear titles like Project X Zone, Bravely Default, Monster Hunter and Tomodachi Life are prime example of this new approach

Abe's Take
This is good news as the Wii U needs games desperately and if we do start getting more Japanese on the system over here it could easily give it that "cult" status that Japanese Exclusives brought to the GameCube and PS3. ZombiU showed that the gamepad can be oddly suited to horror titles and I think will serve this game well

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