Monday, 2 January 2017

RUMOUR: Nintendo Switch Boxart & Mario Kart Details? FALSE

So we've got about 12 days (depending on timezone) till the Nintendo Switches coming out party and whilst some leakers such as Ms Dale have decided to let Nintendo reveal its big surprises (mostly) but seems Australian retailer EB Games has slipped up.

Well, we feel foolish. it appears the product listing was fake "injected" into the site

It's weird that the retailer didn't refute the rumour. So with that everything below is nonsense please feel free to reread it a silly voice.

ORIGINAL: The retailer has seemingly posted (and removed) their Nintendo Switch page and has SEEMINGLY leaked 3 Nintendo Switch launch titles and their box arts.

This reveals some nice details.

First, the Nintendo Switch will have some hybrid themed boxes. The game cases appear to be similar in size to the DS/3DS game cases but with a bold red border that reflects home console game cases (thick border up top with the system branding)

Skyrim is the special edition, the remastered version and not a port of the 360 era version as was previously rumoured. It will be interesting to see what Nintendo's policy towards mods will be. Nintendo's history makes it hard to predict, they are very protective but also is currently on a player creativity high right now. Will we see 'full' mods like Xbox, the limited mods of PS4, or will Nintendo block them entirely?

Legend of Zelda is listed whilst Mario Switch isn't, hopefully, This refutes the rumour of the LoZ:BoTW delay in favour of Mario in a hope to leverage Super Mario Run's launch hype.

Mario Kart 8's Switch port seems to be a rather large expansion as the game case claims. 24 extra tracks, 10 new characters and an "all new" battle mode. we assume this means the classic battle mode from all previous Mario Kart games is making a return.There has been some chatter this is "just the DLC" however the DLC added 16 tracks and 6 characters. Of cause it's possible MK8:S will have the DLC + 8 new tracks and 4 new characters.

Abe's Take
Well if this is true and not some oddly precise mock-up, then I am rather happy and judging from others online are many people. Worryingly though people now seem to expect Smash: Switch to feature a similar level of expansion. We saw something similar back when Smash 4 started getting DLC with players comparing the DLCs in terms of the number of characters. So I repeat what I said then Smash characters are far more complex than Mario Kart'. That being said I expect Smash: Switch to have 2-4 more characters maybe an Inkling and a Sun/Moon starter.

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