Sunday, 1 April 2018

Shen Long to Finally Appear in Street Fighter 30th Switch

It seems Capcom have been busy making yet another edit to Street Fighter 2 for the upcoming 30th anniversary.

Fans of Street Fighter will be delighted to know that Shen Long will finally be making an apperance in the Switch release of Street Fighter 30th - due for release next month. Provided as a bonus for Nintendo fans who were disappointed at not receiving a Street Fighter IV for their home systems, Street Fighter II dash Dragon Punch will be included as an unlockable extra should certain requirments be met.

The elusive hidden character is finally licensed.

We at Game Knights are not one to speculate on rumors, but instructions on how to access the exclusive licensed edition have surfaced around the 30th anniversary's rom file of Super Street Fighter II Turbo, often considered the hardest game in the series.

The player must be on the harbour stage (Ken's) and land a double perfect with Zangief's Final Atomic Buster which must put Ken through the barrel. Should this occur the game will continue as normal. It is imperative that Akuma then be reached who must then be Final Atomic Bustered through both of Bison's statues. No perfect is necessary, thankfully. Following this, Street Fighter II' Dragon Punch will appear on the game select screen. The game will play like Super Street Fighter II Turbo but Akuma's sprite has now been replaced by Shen Long.

You Have A Lot of Work to Do.

Shen Long is a long awaited edition to the series having been teased, rumored and speculated since the early 90s. It is not known how valid these new rumors are or indeed if anyone can ever reach Shen Long in their lives. Come May, myself and others will certainly give it a crack. Good luck everyone! 

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