Friday, 29 January 2016

More NX rumours!

Another day and yet another fist fall of NX rumours and 'details' this times coming from a reliable source and a Nintendo hardware partner.

Namco Bandai!
Lets start of with the most "fun" rumour, Todays fresh heap comes from Dr Serkan Toto an analyst from Japan who has very strong ties across the industry there. He has been pretty reliable on these things, such as outing Nintendo's mobile plans. Now the good doctor brings news from "solid sources" that Namco Bandai is working on several NX titles including a "Super Smash Bros for launch" and Dr Toto was quick to add his source didn't say if this was smash 5 or a remaster of 4 but given how much works go into Smash an "master" version of Smash 4 (an combination of the content found in Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U and their DLC) seems to be more likely.

It's also worth noting that Namco Bandai have an Free to Play action game launching for Wii U in the near future; seems foolish to keep that on Wii U. Namco Bandai is all so preparing for the launch of Tekken 7 and seeing as Tag Tournament 2 hit Wii U as well its certainly possible.

Macronix!I know exactly what your thinking "who the hell?" well Macronix is not a brand new mecha Sonic but is actually a specialist in " non-volatile" memory chips such as ROM and flash. Marconix actually have a long history with Nintendo and is behind the memory in the DS and 3DS game cartridges. During a quarterly earning review the company's president Cy Lu announced that are partnering with Nintendo for the NX, here is the translated (from Taiwanese) announcement.

Prestigious Japanese videogame console maker Nintendo will launch a new console called NX this year. General Manager of Macronix, CY Lu, said Macronix will provide products for NX and that Macronix has considerable expectations to NX.

In the afternoon, Macronix had held an online conference for investors. As Nintendo is going to launch new console NX this year, investors concern about if Macronix, which have a long-term cooperative relationship with Nintendo, is still part of NX's supply chain.

CY Lu said Macronix will supply memory slots for NX, and that the company has considerable expectation to NX.

Even though CY Lu declined to comment whether the supplied products are ROM, he said he expects ROM sales this year will be exceptional.

So it seems that will be some kind of NX release this year, whilst all still not knowing what it is yet but a lot of surveys and analysts claim an "NX Handheld" this year.

Abe Take
its hard to take rumour's seriously but these are some pretty heavy ones. They say the more people involved in a Conspiracy the quicker its uncovered. With Nintendo its always as more third parties (as in people not Nintendo and not game publishers) are involved the less leak proof they become.

The involvement of the DS/3DS card makers dose give me cause for concern IF the upcoming console is some hybrid as it implies the two devices having different mediums. This implies that the two devices wont have a unified games list but be like the PS3/Vita where only certain games got a port.

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