Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Weirdness: Red Dwarf Ruined The 3DS (Not Really)

Nintendo is probably one of the strictest yet silliest companies on the planet and this often crops up in odd ways. In this case it seems someone on the localisation team for the 3DS swear filter are fans of a certain British sci-fi comedy ( or not depending how you see it).

Nintendo's Most Wanted (Not really)

Someone on reddit has managed to find the 3DS swear list (which can be viewed here, which is obviously super duper NSFW) and buried in that list of horror and nastiness is one that utter obscenity that shall not grace your 3DS under any circumstances is...

for those to skipped the vid (in which apparently shows Kryten is running on the 3DS firmware) the word is "Smeg". Which is to me rather fantastic as it such an "out there" reference.

Abe's Take
Despite being fun this news is of cause string up a bit of "trouble" within vocal groups of Nintendo fans who are adding this to their "Nintendo is too sensitive" campaign and furthering their annoyance in their perceived censorship war on their fan base. Their argument here is pretty weak as A) Red Dwarf is currently "revived" and B) Smeg is an abbreviation of Smegma an unpleasant medical term.

Anyway its unlikely this list of blocked words will change before their mobile app Miitomo which blows my opening line plans. so excuse me whilst I rework my ice breaker.

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