Monday, 19 January 2015

Build your own N3DS Bundle!

It's not long now till the N3DS hits and retailers are starting to tout their offers. But most of these are for the XL and involve handing over your old system or buying a game that's not all that related to the new system. Nintendo store has a different offer for you.

What they are offering are custom bundles for the new system. First you pick which colour you would like. Then you get to choose from 9 different face-plates and finally you get a free "Super Mario 3DS Figurine Stand" all for £159, So head on over to the Nintendo Store and check out the options.

Obviously this doesn't cover the rather pretty Monster Hunter 4 XL or beautiful Majora's Mask XL and its currently unknown if these bundles also come with chargers as with all their other N3DS orders.

Abe's Take
This is a nice little bonus off for those who like Mario as the stand is rather impressive.

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