Monday, 19 January 2015

So about that Direct rumour

Sorry for the delay all but the entire staff was wiped out by chest infections for the last week. Ah internet will you ever stop with the rumours and falsehoods... Of cause you wont because outside of naked ladies and flame wars it's pretty much what your was made for (It wasn't).

So we got a Direct on the 14th and it was good (less so if you are a US fan who dosen't like the XL) and half the fake leak was kinda right. We got release dates for the N3DS, Monster Hunter, Codename S.T.E.A.M., Majora's Mask and Kirby. We also got to see new bonus content for Captain Toad and S.T.E.A.M. but instead of DLC these was Amiibo based. Finally there was also a new Fire Emblem announced but for 3DS (not Wii U).

What we did get was rather good, although rather light on the Wii U side of things. A big-ish surprise was Wii Virtual Console, Even though most game shops still stock Wii games certain titles like Metriod Trilogy and Pandora's Tower are hard to find and often cost a good limb to buy. There is some disappointment that these aren't HD up-scales but none of the other VC games received any work outside of controller updates so that's not really an issue. 

Abe's Take
The article itself was a big hit for us as we hit something like 1,587 unique views from all over the world but seeing as the leak turned out to be false the milestone feels... Cheapened and we regret this is how we got there. Unless we're all surprised on the 27th that is (doubt it) we're sorry.

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