Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Destiny's True Expansion Pack Outed?

There was plenty of flaws in Destiny, which was a shame considering how great the gameplay was. Whether the complaints was about the RNG loot drops (which became an requirement to progress), the light story content, the seemingly barebones competitive multiplayer or actual content to play. it was all valid complaints.

The hope was that the "expansion packs" Bungie and Activision was meant to fix this. However both packs cost £19.99 each and only added three story missions, three multiplayer maps, 1 raid or survival mode and a smattering of new exotic weapons and armours. Since launch the MP maps from the first expansion "Dark Below" are now free for everyone further driving the value down. However Bungie have routinely updated the core games systems addressing some of those complaints for free.

An old leak suggested there was 4 of these "expansion packs" on their way and in between the first 2 and last two was a far larger pack codenamed comet. This would feature new worlds, new missions, a new subclass for each class and new 2 weapon classes. This would also be available as a game of the year style retail package containing the three packs and full game. 

It was rounded this pack was named "The Taken King" after it was trademarked a few months back but now we have this Red Bull promotional multipack box.

The above pack says Red Bull customers will be able to receive bonus XP (for now) and a "Epic Quest in The Taken King" whether this epic quest is actual mission content or just an exclusive bounty chain we don't know.

Abe's Take
Destiny's core gameplay and co-op is rock solid and consistently fun. That being said the lack of content along with the change from XP to gear based leveling quickly soured the game for many. I know a few of us here have been holding off buying any of the inappropriately named (and priced) "expansion packs" due to this upcoming bundle pack. If this TTK pack is as content rich we'll be happy to jump back in.

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