Thursday, 3 November 2016

Rumour: Nintendo Switch to get Wii U "Director's Cuts"

Here's me digging into Xenoverses 2's multiplayer so I can finally finish the review and a little blinking light on my phone inform me of yet another Nintendo Switch dump. Dear news-minions; Prepare the salt!

Oddly no, these rumour's do not come from Laura Dale but instead from a site (Mobiepicker) I had not heard off until today.. oh wow that's a lot of salts the minions have brought me.

[please not the source has either intentionally or accidently set up their information right next to Laura Dale's she is NOT the source of this infomation]

The source of today's rumour dump reports that the Nintendo Switch will support "player ID cards" that act as a means of continuing your progress on another Switch, taking your unlocked content to a friends version of the game eg your Mario Kart progress, they even go on to say its possible for the cards to transfer some games temporally (though we struggle to believe anything outside of the Virtual Console could be transfered via an NFC card). Apparently, this was developed as a sort of bypass of the systems battery life. These cards will be available to buy for $10, with custom versions sold through the Nintendo Store, and one will be included in the box.

It is interesting to note the Wii did have the ability to store select data, Mii's mostly (though I do recall saving a version of my hunter on the Wiimote on Monster Hunter Tri) on the Wiimote itself so this isn't without precedent.

Director's Cuts
Before the reveal, it was speculated and "leaked" repeatedly that 'key' Wii U titles will see a 2nd life on "the NX" as remasters. The Nintendo Switch reveal came along and gave those rumours a high five and a punch in the guy. Two of the long rumoured game appeared in the trailer but showed curious differences to the Wii U titles. Mario Kart had a new character and 2 item slots, whilst Splatoon teased a heap of new customization options. The idea that these expanded versions would appeal to both Wii U owners and non-Wii U owners who "missed" them. In what is either wishful thinking or the most consumer friendly move 'mobipicker' also reports that Nintendo will be offering these remasters for free for digital owners of the originals and say that Nintendo is working with retailers to allow gamers to trade in the physical copies for a free digital code/discount on physical version. Directors cuts of Mario Kart, Splatoon and Smash Bro's will be available at launch.

This is a bit iffy to us as Nintendo is known for charging for Virtual Console releases on 2nd platforms Wii-Wii U, for example, had an upgrade cost, admittedly the Wii U VC did boast some more features but still seems a million miles from FREE UPGRADES. However, we do expect these titles to see ports on Switch as other great Wii U games have ported to 3DS to make up for the Wii U's reach (Hyrule Warriors, Yoshi Wolly World, and Mario Maker)

Super Mario Switch
Or that is its working name according to their source is set to be an "amalgamation" of the series (3D entries like 64 and Galaxy) and will feature power-ups (LIKE EVERY MARIO EVER) that allow players to access different areas. They go on to say that some levels will connect to one another, the example given has a 2D level connecting an ice hub area to a desert level (this sounds like the hidden levels in 64.) Finally, they say the game will feature co-op but to keep the game from descending into the same anarchy as 3D world will be limited to 2 players.

It's hard to say this is real or not because it mostly describes a 3D Mario game, though I do like the idea of a more focused 2 player co-op Mario in the Style of Mario 64/Sunshine.

Finally, they claim to have details on three bundles for the Nintendo Switch

  • 'Basic' bundle ($260) - Switch, Joy-Cons, dock, NFC ID, and (maybe) the controller mount
  • Mario Bundle ($300) - The basic bundle with Mario packed in.
  • Zelda bundle ($340) - Basic bundle, Zelda and a pro controller.
That's the sort of ballpark everyone has been saying the Nintendo Switch needs to be to compete with Xbox 1 and PS4.

Abe's Take
on the whole its all very viable but the fact that none of the other leakers isn't saying the same thing it seems off. It is worth noting so far they haven't outright disagreed with it (outside its weird structure either intentionally or accidently linking it to Ms Dale) but then again this is the sort of stuff people expect with a new system launch. We are 69 days from the reveal, just how many more rumours could there be!?

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