Wednesday, 10 June 2015

"RUMOUR" Hyrule Warriors coming to 3DS?

Well seems I should be careful what I say. Mere days ago I said Nintendo was fairly watertight when it comes to leaks. Well it seems that there has been a Nintendo E3 leak... The Wii U surprise hit Hyrule Warriors is hitting a new platform.

UPDATE 2: File this one as  big ol' rumour, another picture is floating around this one is a bit more suspect to my eyes as it's far more fakeable. According to this fresh rumour you'll be able to unlock Sonic in Hyrule Warriors 3DS/Wii U by tapping the Sonic Amiibo. This dose fall in line with my prediction with Toon Link being unlockable via amiibo and isn't the first time Sonic has invaded Hyrule, last time it was in DLC for Sonic Lost World. The Sonic artwork looks a lot like that DLC but the rest here falls inline with what we saw in the leaked trailer. Odds are this is fake but would be awesome! Unless you don't like Amiibo, or can't get hold of a Sonic one...

UPDATE: Could a "sister" version of Link be joining the 3DS version? at the end of the 3Ds trailer the 1:07 mark there is a crossbow in between Agatha and Tatra. This weapon doesn't seem to link to any other character. However it does look an awful lot like the crossbow "Linkle" (Rinkuru in Japanese) has in the recently released Hyrule Warriors art book, here is a comparison picture.

Of Course it is just possible that they used all sorts of assets to make that piece of art in the trailer but seeing as this is an "All Star" version it's possible they finished developing her.
However some places are referring to Linkle as either as Link's daughter (due to confusion of two different Japanese words) or as "female link" (due to what I assume is click bait) which isn't true as she is clearly her own character with a unique weapon and name.

Thanks to GameXplain for the catch.


For now I'm going to label this as rumour because obviously we don't have official confirmation of it's existence yet and there have been some pretty awesome fakes out there. We don't know if it's New 3DS exclusive which seems likely considering this is a Wii U game brought to 3DS.

The below trailer (unless it's been nuked by lawyers) shows of a lot of the signature gameplay and the bottom screen functions are exactly like the upcoming Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3. Making their Hyrule Warriors debut is the King of Hyrule/Boat and Tetra the Pirate/Zelda from the Wind Waker games. The trailer also promises that people who buy the 3DS version can send the new characters back to the Wii U version.

Abe's Take
I'm am somehow both surprised and not at this news. Hyrule Warriors did surprisingly well considering the Warrior and Zelda games couldn't be further apart yet some how it worked brilliantly, adding some Zelda depth to the Warriors formula turned out to be just what the series needed. I am a little dubious that Toon Link isn't joining the cast... unless his Amiibo unlocks him.

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