Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Clayfighter Remaster Incoming!

During the hight of Street Fighter 2's popularity there was many games that tried to cash in on the suddenly popular genre. There was direct clones, rivals and terrible, horrible attempts. One of these games born from this boom took a different route... Clay Fighter

Box art for the N64 sequel
Clayfighter decided lunacy would be the corner stone of their game. The game featured characters like Bad Mr Frosty, Sumo Santa, Bonker the clown and even guest starred Eathworm Jim, all lovingly animated in a Claymation style (much like the recent Kirby release).

Why are we talking about a game whose graphics was once praised a "amazing" which are now almost to ugly to post? Interplay (former gaming mega publisher) and Drip Drop Games (sriously who?) have announced that the will be remastering the Classic/Cult series.  The game which is said to be receiving the full HD treatment but also updating it to reflect the changes in the genre since GF's absence. The new game will be a mash up of all previous GF games and will feature 20 characters (including everyone's favourite worm in a suit) and 20 "familiar" levels.

Currently only an vague 2016 release date and one platform have been announced: PC

Abe's Take
Clayfighter holds a weird place in my heart as it was the only game me and my brother could play at my Grandmothers who only let us have a small black and white TV to use for our N64.

Whilst I'm happy to hear the franchise return (we need more solid beat em' ups), I'm disappointed at the limited PC release. But with Sony snagging Street Fighter 5, Microsoft having Killer Instinct (and seem unwilling in investing in additional 2D fighters) and Nintendo recently releasing Smash Bro's Wii U, I don't see any of them wanting to pay for it.
It would be good to see Clayfighter back on a Nintendo system though. (the original can be played on the Wii's Virtual Console)

I suspect this might trigger an hourglass review

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