Tuesday, 31 March 2015

No Joke, Nintendo Direct Tomorrow

It's been what feels like forever since the last one but today Nintendo has announced an brand new Nintendo Direct

Yep Nintendo have a Direct ready for April fools day (just!). This Direct if not a massive April fools day joke is said to cover games for both Wii U and so should cover Xenoblade Chronicles X, Mario Maker and Splatoon. This is also the first Direct since Nintendo announced their entry into the mobile market, announced the NX and delayed Zelda out of 2015.

Continuing Nintendo's streak of not really caring about broadcast time around the world this Direct start 23:00 and will be live streamed on TWITCH, the Official Nintendo  website and somewhere on YouTube. Nintendo has also confirmed after the Direct there will be another Tree-house live stream where we'll be able to see more details on the games featured in the Direct.

Abe's Take
It good to have another Direct after what feels like a million years (in reality; less than 3 months). It's interesting that we had that Zelda delay video separate to this direct and even more curious is the Tree-house afterwards. Could it be that this direct will be so chock full of announcements that it needs an separate live stream for gameplay? I mean what else is there to learn on the all ready announced games? and lets face it the rest of the year seems a little light on games for both Wii U and 3DS.

Of cause it's also possible this is a giant prank and views will tune in tomorrow to find Iwata-san doing the naked chicken dance.

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