Thursday, 12 March 2015

Weirdness: State of Decay's Very Different Out Break

One of my all time zombie games is State of Decay, the greater focus on surviving as a group endeared it to me more than other great zombie games. Watching food and resources dwindle as the undead continue to grow gave me a very different sense of fear to say Resident Evil, ZombiU and Dead Rising. It was subtle but constant. However it appears a different horror was hiding..

When Undead Labs was creating the original game they was just a small indie studio with some big ideas, so they could focus on all the behind the scenes stuff they got an design studio to do the textures for them. State of Decay went on to be Xbox Live's second biggest title (Minecraft being No.1). It wasn't until the developers now working with Microsoft decided to port their game to the X1and upscale the original texture did they discover the true horror.

Thanks Guys
Several textures was covered in penises, Thousands of them. Which i imagine would of been a rather strange experience for dev who discovered it. The contractors have obviously been dismissed and suffice to say the unintended outbreak wont be making it into the Year One remaster when it releases in April

Abe's Take
This was one of the weirdest things I've come across this week and dose make me question  about "remastered textures" in other games, Just how many Gentlemen Snakes are hiding in our games?

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