Saturday, 27 August 2016

Another Day, Another NX rumour... or Two

oh boy these rumours just keep on coming now Eurogamer has apparently blown the lid on the NX. Today's rumour has a little extra weight to it. Plus bonus rumour!

UPDATE: It seems my source on Miss Rodgers wasn't complete, she confirms the previous MVC report (this infomation is added to the rest of her section of the original story below.

Controller Rumour
This latest rumour first reported by "Let's Play Games" via an unnamed source first backs up Eurogamer's rumour of detachable controllers but goes on to say that these controllers will feature "Wiimote like" motion controls and "advanced" force feedback. The later being described as being similar to that found in the HTC Vive's hand controllers. Which means the device is able to offer multiple types of vibration unlike other console controllers which only modulates the one type (excluding the X1's feed back triggers... like 90% of devs have). Here is what the source has to say about it

“very similar to the Vive controller, in that it alters intensity, pulsing patterns and duration of vibration to mimic the sensation of a range of different movement types. It’s not just one vibration for all situations, there’s a notable difference between the hard abrupt feedback of a sword clash or the softer, longer thud of something like hitting a tennis ball.”

This rumour has some official and unofficial backing. The official backing comes from Ubisoft with Just Dance hitting the NX, Ubisoft stated that Just Dance will come to "any and all motion controlled systems". Whilst the unofficial backing comes from known Nintendo rumour monger Emily Rodgers, Miss Rodgers not only confirms the above is true but goes on to spill some more details about the prototype device.

  • The NX had a multi-touch 6.2 inch 720p screen.
  • The docking station had 2 USB ports.
  • Detachable motion controllers with advanced force feedback.
Miss Rodgers is quick to point out that this was the prototype NX and not even the pre-production model, so details have likely changed a little. Miss Rodgers also claims the MCV rumour stating that the NX was getting an Gamefreak made Pokemon game in the first 6 months "Had some truth to it

This report dose make us at GKUK smille because it increases the chance of the NX getting a Splatoon game that plays like the Wii U title and reminds us of titles like that used the motion plus like Red Steel 2/Wii Sports Resort and titles that understood the Wiimotes limits like Monster Hunter Tri and Twlight Princess (whilst not as super responsive as normal controls having a disjointed pad was relaxing)

Reveal Rumour
Tom Phillips Deputy Editor of Eurogamer says he believes that the NX's reveal will be in September. His sources (who are behind their NX report) say that the reveal was always planned for September and that "hasn't changed" he does say however that information isn't flowing as easily as before Eurogamer reported on the NX.

Phillip's source believes their will be a Nintendo Direct reveal for fans whilst the press will get a more hands on event at the same time

Abe's Take
Not the NX
As a Vision 8 (see above) owner which boasts an 8 inch screen plus 2 controller parts it feels a little unweildly to be taking out the house (perfect for home Xbox streaming though) 6.9 feels about right for the retail version of the NX which is meant to be played at home and out 'n' about. However 720p seems awfully low since its going to have plenty of 1080p rivals in both the Tablet and Console markets, Case in point the now "legacy" PSVita had an 900p screen.

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