Monday, 22 August 2016

NX Round Up

So here we are back from our holidays, political shenanigans, Diablo III, and our multiplayer fueled nightmares! So thought it wise to play catch up with some of the info thats been whipping around for the last month.

It seems the NX is starting to get a lot less mysterious and we'll start with some confirmed news before descending into into the murky depths of rumour-land.

Dragon Quest is coming...
Now I know what you're thinking "Haven't I heard this before?" and yes, yes you did. Last year during Square-Enix's Dragon Quest event they confirmed both Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI will be arriving on the NX. The internet gasped at the first confirmed games was actually third party then in the same amount of time it takes to get an angry phone call SE back peddled and said they was considering the two titles for the mysterious system.

Well now SE has backpedaled on that backpeddle (wouldn't that be forward-peddled?) and have since (re)confirmed that the final version of Dragon Quest X will launch on NX and PS4, along with Dragon Quest XI. Juding from the game directors comments the NX version of Dragon Quest XI wont be a port of either the (2D&3D) 3DS version or the rather pretty PS4 version but an third game to share the DQXI name. However SE plans on releasing all three versions simultaneously as they don't want spoilers from one version to ruin the other two.

Sonic's Coming to the NX
It's not surprising that the NX would get a Sonic game as Nintendo appears to be the blue hogs home away from home. It is surprising that its the same game that is also hitting the X1 and PS4.  There's even a trailer for "Project Sonic 2017" which is "totally not" Sonic Generations 2

Ubisoft might just be the most vocal of the third parties when it comes to the NX. They was the first to announce (and stick to) an NX game (Just Dance), they was the first to confirm they had seen it, and now they have some more teasing for us. Ubi is clearly excited by what the NX is and what they could do with it.

"We announced that we're developing Just Dance for NX and we have other surprises that we will announce later, but we also believe Nintendo has the power to reinvent the way families are playing. Nintendo is a fantastic powerhouse of brands that are really cherished by a lot of fans and families... I am still impressed by the reoccurrence of success and appetite even today for the Nintendo franchises on the current system" - Alain Corre

Shame they don't feel like sharing.

Third Parties
The other third parties have been a little more... reserved. Bethesda says they may make NX games but its "too early to say" which considering their history of not working with Nintendo seems to be more of a "no-maybe" . EA on the other hand is still playing a little coy with statements like "we never said we wont develop for Nintendo" and stuff like this

"Nintendo is such an instrumental part of our whole industry. They deserve to be successful, and they deserve to be a major player in the business, given their pedigree. It's not only the machines that they've built, but also the IPs they've brought to market. There are very few companies like Nintendo. Whenever they bring something to market that we see an addressable market for, we'll be there. Given that they haven't announced [a new console] officially or shown it, I can't comment specifically" - EA VP Patrick Soderlund
Here's a quick tip for you EA: Don't go into the NX half-hearted and independently to the other systems, You cannot again do something like drop ME3 on Wii U then announce ME: Trilogy on the other systems and tell Wii U gamers "if you buy enough of part 3 will let you buy 1,2, & 3".  If the NX can handle an ME: Remaster and a Battlefield then do it!

Eurogamer's report. 
Ah welcome to the first grimy layer of Rumour-Town. This story comes from Eurogamer who has "multiple sources" confirming the NX to be an handheld first console that can connect to an TV. The device will supposedly come with two detachable controllers (euro gamer states this is to play split screen in handheld mode, whilst others including us believe this is so the device can be docked) and will be powered by an Nvidia Tegra X chip. We say "AN" because eurogamer's sources couldn't confirm if the retail units would be powered by the X1 or the unrevealed X2. The report gos on to say the NX will use 32GB cartridges for games, whilst running an all new custom OS which combined with the system's all new architecture means backwards comparability wont likely be happening (at launch).

The difference between the two X chips? X1 is less powerful than the PS4 whilst the X2 is said to be more slightly powerful than Sony's (current) box.

Nvidea Cancels Shield Line.
Continuing on with the rumour line. Nvidia has officially  canceled the Shield line of tablets and gaming devices. The shield range was conceived as a way of showing of the power of the Tegra chipset to other manufactures (such as self driving car companies) whilst making some money off them. So why would they cancel they cancel the new line that was set to show off their brand new very powerful "system on a chip" the X2? They'd only do that if they had something bigger up their sleave. This lends an enormous amount of weight to the Eurogamer report.

MVC adds to Eurogamer's Report.
Trade publication MVC confirmed EG's NX story whilst adding their own extra details, namely the games that'll launch in the first 6 months. According to MVC the NX will see mainline (non-spin off) entries in Zelda (Breath of the Wild), Mario (Miyamoto suggested as much) and Pokemon franchises (surprising). MVC also confirms that Nintendo all ready has "support" from  Sega, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Activision and Warner Bros.

Obviously 3 of those names we've all ready talked about as they have all ready confirmed. Call of Duty seems an obvious choice from Activision although its had stuggles on a Nintendo console, however Destiny 2 could possibly grab Nintendo fans in a way CoD has failed to. Warmer Bros contribution would either be a GOTY Arkham Knight or a late Injustice 2 port.

Monster Hunter
This is the darkest rumour in the realm as it seems to be exclusively told via whispers. "Monster Hunter 5 will be exclusive to the NX and will launch November 2017" the reason we're talking about it here is it simply makes sense. MH is a big hitter and releasing an all new exclusive will help Nintendo shift 1,000,000 NX in Japanese NX in a day. Adding to that Capcom seems to be existing by producing exclusives on every system.

Abe's Take
There you go all the rumours that we (think) we missed whilst we was gone. My feelings on the NX have not quite realised just yet. As an 3DS successor it sounds great but as an Wii U one it seems... side-ward thinking. Of cause its possible another rumour is true the NX is a multi device platform and this is the first handheld version.

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