Tuesday, 23 August 2016

WEIRDNESS: Xbox Onesie

So Microsoft recently released the rather lovely Xbox One S but obviously has some spare time before Project Scorpio launches next year, so what have they given their design team to do? Introducing the Xbox One...S...ie.

Yes this is actually a thing, well according to Xbox Australia Xbox Onesie's are a real thing.

So what dose the marvelous fashion statements do, aside from making you look like an Assassin Guinea Pig held by Abstergo? Well MS has nicely give out a spec-sheet for them

  • Enlarged pockets to fit your Xbox Controller and Media Remotes.
  • Arm pouch to offer quick and easy access to your mobile phone.
  • Roll-able legs and arms to cater for all temperatures and seasons.
  • Forearm grips to prevent slipping on those ‘edge of your seat’ moments.
  • Extra-large hood to accommodate headsets for the ultimate gaming sessions.
  • Customised Gamertag embroidery
  • Availiable in white and black
Whether we'll actually get to be able to buy these is up for debate. Xbox AUS claims its serious about these gaming PJs however there is no link to buy, pre-order, or register interest. IF these are truly coming out in the land down under then I would imagine they would also launch elsewhere too. (if not I'm sure the craft folk will quickly create their own)

If you home life doesn't look like this join my in some light crying.
If it does look like this well done and get out! we dont need your mockery.
Abe's Take
I hate this. I mean look at them big pockets and big hoods, yay innovation worthy of the gods. I also hate myself because I think I might need the white one in my life. Lets face it you walk into a room wearing one of these and the others know your not going to do anything today. No point in asking you to move stuff or do the cleaning you are clearly on a gaming mission and are far to busy to be involed in that day to day "adulting" nonsense

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