Tuesday, 20 September 2016

NX: Pokemon Confirmed, an Cheeky Indie, and Announcement Rumour

Well things have been a little quiet on the NX front for a while, a little too quiet actually. There haven't been any claims that it runs on tears, harnesses the heart of a dying star, or any of the usual chatter.

Today we have an company confirming NX support (no its not an indie) and the closest to an official source on what form the NX will be, an cheeky Nindie, and an exciting rumour.

First the 'real' news.
Today news has broken via an Wall Street Journal interview with Pokemon Company president Tasunekazu Ishihara who when asked about the NX had this to say.

"The NX is trying to change the concept of what it means to be a home console device or a hand-held device. We will make games for the NX."

This is rather huge news because A) this is first time someone from Nintendo (well close enough) has suggested the NX was any kind of hybrid device, as typically it has been referred to as a home (Reggie) or dedicated game console (Iwata). B) Pokemon company refuses to make core Pokemon games for home systems (though it has released the Stadium, Colosseum and Snap spin offs on home systems).

Now the rumour.
There has been various bits of chatter over the last few weeks that the NX announcement was coming by the end of the month. With some sources stating that we would see an announcement Direct this month and then an full on reveal event in October. The most recent rumour stated there was announcement "next week" and that was last week (just).

Now today's rumour, again from multiple sources is saying that many European retailers are being summoned to Nintendo Europe in Germany for "something about Nintendo", the sources say its unlikely the rest of us will know whats happening until Nintendo announces it themselves due to the strict nature of the NDA's involved.

This nicely lines up with a story last week that Nintendo's developer portal (the place devs get software for Nintendo development) had been updated to include HAC 1.0, seeing as neither the 3DS or the Wii U are listed as HAC its believed this is the NX. The update to the portal is said to be gearing up to a developer reveal.

The cheeky Nindie
This is frankly a weird one. Award winning writer and game dev Stephan Dinehart IV (yeah I had to Wiki him too) has today tweeted the following

Is confirming an NDA breaking an NDA? Unless Nintendo ninja assassinate him for it we could be in for something interesting from Dinehart, who has won awards for "best writing", "outstanding innovation", "best student design philosophy", and won the "independent games festival".

Abe's Take

Wait you want more? fine. That's a lot of NX news today we have one statement from an official source, One respectable (and pubic) confirmation and multiple rumours all converging "soon" could we be actually about to get some real information? If the French March 4th Breath of the Wild Amiibo launch is true than we are little more than 5 months (164 days) away from the NX launch.

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