Monday, 26 September 2016

UK Retailer Lists NX With a Price!

Last week we reported on a fist full of NX official chatter and unofficial rumours. One of those labeled under "unofficial" was talk that European retailers was being summed to Nintendo's EU HQ under strict NDA. 

UPDATE 2: And... it's gone. Which in itself is a little odd why get rid of a place holder unless A) they was asked to or B) someone in the office was just being... foolish. After all the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines is STILL ON Amazon despite being cancelled

We've added a screen cap of the original listing at the bottom.

UPDATE 1: Tesco Direct has since removed the pricing but kept the product page.

Well looks like there might be something to that as today UK supermarket retailer TESCO posted an listing for the NX, including an price an rather surprising £349.99.

Of cause its likely that its simply a place holder but its worth noting IF this is in reaction to something Tesco saw the price must reflect that they believed it was worth the same as an PS4 at launch (or an PS4 Pro 1TB) which if true is rather surprising considering a lot of the leaks say the NX will be a low powered (compared to home console) handheld first hybrid. Are the Eurogamer "Tegra Powered" rumours true or is the more to the NX than we know? (which admitted is basically nothing)

Abe's Take
Could we be about to get a reveal? We are now 158 days form the estimated release and announcing anything in the November/December Christmas marketing blast seems somewhat foolish and any later than that and there wouldn't be enough time to build enough hype for the new machine.

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