Wednesday, 1 June 2016

IronFall Dev Announces a New Game

There are lot of talented indie developers out there but to us 3DS Game Knights there is one team that stands above the others. VD-Dev a 3 man team who crafted the remarkable IronFall, an impressive Gears of War clone for the 3DS. The game had its flaws but it played and looked brilliant, even managing to hit a solid 60FPS on both 3DS and New 3DS. Here take a look at the trailer.

Right so that's our gushing out the way and now its time for the reason why we've gather you here today. The three man superstar team has announced an brand new title 'RISE: Race the Future' a racing title inspired by Sega Rally, RISE is set in the near future where cars are equipped with "air lifting" technology which allows cars to keep racing even over deep water.

RISE will feature the classic arcade mode, a 'history' mode that allows you to unlock more cars and explore the games plot that will "reveal the true purpose of air lift tech". The guys at VD-Dev are teaming up with automotive designer Anthony Jannerlly, who unsurprisingly will be designing the titles futuristic cars.

Just look at that, how lovely is that! Money well spent recruiting Jannerlly. RISE will be hitting basically every single platform Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mobile, Wii U, and 3DS later this year. But interestingly it'll be hitting the Nintendo NX next year too. Which if we're not mistaken is the first (not Zelda) title announced for the system. lets have a look at the teaser.

Abe's Take
I am looking foward to this, every ingredient here is has me excited, and frankly I cant wait.
on a different note. I love how even this reveal gives us no clues on the Nintendo NX as the 2016 launch covers a wide range of forms and specs.

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