Tuesday, 7 June 2016

XCOM 2 is Hitting Consoles

It's been a difficult relationship with XCOM for the modern gamer. The franchise burst back on to our screens, almost every screen with XCOM: Enemy Unknown and it's expansion XCOM: Enemy Within PC, 360, PS3, Android and iOS. Those excellent titles was then followed up by The Bureau: XCOM Declassified which was... a third person shooter and is best left at that.

Such glory (yes I'm ignoring Bureau) continued on to the announcement of an direct sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Which was met by cheers (and I like to think street parties) however those cheers got a little less loud as 2K and Fraxis announced it was PC exclusive. Which after the excessive wooing of the console and tablet crowd seemed rather perplexing. To Fraxis' credit they was pretty open on why it was staying on PC namely keeping the team focused on one version, and mods; which kept the last release on everyone's PC for a long time.

Now the dark times are over for console players as 2K has recruited "The Workshop" (developer beinf X1/Ps4 ports of Evil Within and Liberator.) to bring the former PC exclusive to Xbox One and PS4, XCOM 2 will begin punishing console player starting September 6th.

Whilst there is no news on whether mods will be coming to consoles we do know that 2K will be releasing all of the existing DLC the same day as the game launches.

Abe's Take
I always suspected XCOM 2 would hit consoles sooner or later, doubly so once Bethesda announced Fallout 4 mods for console. I am however slightly annoyed that the DLC will be hitting day one and wont be included in the price. Not that I'm saying I think the DLC isn't worth it but having it sit there on the store on day one feels... off.

Also what's with these pre-E3 announcements?

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