Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Rumour: Dead Rising 4 leaked

Dead Rising is a one of GK-UK's much loved franchises, even when its punishes us for no real reason. Those prisoners in their jeep still haunt our dreams. The first game was a weird wonderful Japanese take on Dawn of The Dead (we're aloud to make that link now right?) even with the sequels switching to a US studio and adding co-op the games kept that quirky tone and was still fun.

Multiple sources have outed an poster (probably for E3) for Dead Rising 4 which sees franchise front man Frank West return, it also appears to show the original mall at Christmas.

More details have seems to appeared along with an screen shot. Its being reported that Dead Rising 4 will in fact be an remake of the original title. However it wont be a simple remaster as it also see them touching up the old game, DR4 apparently now features 4 player co-op (with other players taking on the roles of Chuck, Nick and Annie and may have more/the rest) of the town in which the original game was set.

The sources are saying that Dead Rising 4 is Xbox Store exclusive, which doesn't mean download only but that its coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive. They's also a talk that MS will also unveil State of Decay II, which would be... well epic really.

Abe's Take
Really excited by the idea of a new Dead Rising and State of Decay combo at E3. That being said this seems really weird that DR4 is a remake of DR1. I cant help that feel its might not be a remake but more the character revisiting the physical area. Access to the extended town, the stars of Dead Rising 2 (5 years after DR1) and 3 (10 years after DR2) being playable, and Christmas theme all make me feel this isn't a remake. Actually it gives me a "end of the series" vibe.

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