Sunday, 16 October 2016

Rockstar Teases RDR

After a bout of illness we're back and we're back with Rockstar posting an interesting image

Rockstar has now deck out their twitter and news-wire pages with the same familiar theme.

Original Story: 
Rockstar posted the above which is instantly recognisable as the very same style of Red Dead Redemption. Could Rockstar be teasing the long rumoured sequel to the multi award winning game?

They better be!

Both Red Dead Redemption and its Zombie spin off easily hit Game Knights UK's top 5 games of all time and is certainly our favourite of all of Rockstar's excellent offerings.

Now if you haven't played Red Dead Redemption (whats wrong with you!) then it can currently be played on Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility (as of yet RDR is not on Sony's PSNow service).

So what could this tease mean? RDR sequel, a PC release, a remaster or even RDR content for GTA Online? (personally I'd bundle those last three together) hopefully the answer wont be to long of a wait.

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