Tuesday, 10 June 2014

E3 2014: GTA V comes to next gen

Well it was Rumoured then denied, it was leaked and then denied and now here it is!

But there it is GTA V on New Gen and PC looking rather nice too. The new versions will "take full advantage of the new system's feature and power"... which with X1 seems to be either or not both.

GTA Online characters will transfer across regardless of what system you played before thanks to those (damned) Rockstar cloud saves.

As you can see it looks nice, real nice. no details about what extra we can expect was announced or if GTA Online will get some of single players stripped features back (animals, open world activities).

Abe's Take
Finally, i dont know why rockstar wanted this to be a secret so much, They repeated stated that GTA online wont just "end" and their goal is to have a GTA world. For any of that to be true it had to come to next gen.

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