Monday, 9 June 2014

E3 2014: Microsoft round up

well here is all that went down at Microsoft's press show, Warning most content was videos and quite detail light

Happy Wars comes to Xbox One
Happy Wars was the 360's first Free To Play game and it appears to be getting an "new version" for X1 it's unknown if this is an enhanced port or sequel.

Sunset Overdrive gets a new trailer
the SO guys enjoy taking a swing at your standard cover shooter.

Achievement App Improvements
The achievement app will now be snapable (no more returning to home), sortable (those get 9 million kill achievements can sits up back till their ready) and now you can get help with any troublesome achievements via an in built hints and tips system.

Assassins Creed gets Co-op
Not too much details was given but the video implied story elements will be involved unlike the "simulation" co-op mode Wolf Pack from the last 2 titles. [I think it'll be playable Brotherhood missions - Abe]

Tomb Raider 2!
An great new trailer appeared for Tomb Raider that really set the tone for the new game, with the trailer being narrated by Lara's Psychotherapist. [I am unhappy with the name "Rise of The Tomb Raider" - Abe]

"Cult" classic Original Xbox game gets reboot
NOPE its not ANYTHING you was thinking of. Its Phantom Dust a "classic" game that apparently Ninja'd past me as I was playing Halo and PSO

Speaking of Halo...
Halo Master Chief Collection was announced (SHOCK!). The pack will feature 1080p 60FPS, dedicated servers across all four games all housed in the one mega game. Halo 1 and " are full remasters where as 3 and 4 are ports. Every multiplayer map for every halo game is present and playable in their original engines. The Mega-Game term i mentioned (Which I game up with - Abe) means all four games are simply parts of the larger game, as such you'll be able to set up playlist of your favourite halo levels across all four games.

The collection will also come with the Halo Nightfall digital series and Halo 5 beta.

Halo 5 got a light trailer with what appears to be the arbiter teaching the new character from the box art.

PlayDead (limbo) new game
the people who brought us Limbo are bringing us another moody puzzle platformer called "Inside"

Crackdown 3!
crackdown 3 was finally announced and looked... well like Crackdown. Looks like the agents are gunning after an new city (finally). If the trailer is anything to go buy you'll be able to kill gang leaders by launching a rooftop into a building by sniping a mine, on a truck, that was launched of a ramp, that was building you knocked down.

Platinum's Exclusive game
Again not much to go on but in the trailer, the protagonist dons a pair of earphones, vaults into the heavens and executes a monster with a single swordblow. It looks like you'll have a partner dragon too.
It's called ScaleBound so i suspect your character is shrunk.

Forza horrizon 2 looks very pretty and Forza 5 get the track Nurburgring NOW!
Evolve developers seem to thankful for left 4 Deads shot on 360 and have rewarded Ms with early beta access and exclusive DLC. They also showed off their second beast. this one is a flying electric monster (NOT Zapdos or King Gidora)

Dragon Age gets trailer!
Which we have!

Also is that Morrigon on the left?

Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha Announced

Yeas the title of this is Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha. man Capcom know how to take the piss out of it's self. This DLC is a 4 player co-op celebration of Capcom 30th +1 anniversary. You'll be able to play as all sorts of dead rising regulars and others from cacpom's history. we saw Ryu, Dinosaurs, an Akuma mask and the title Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha.... also SUDR3ARHEEXPA..... is available now!

Fable Legends gets gameplay trailer

Yep we have this one too. We get to see some combat, some evil dooings and hear please regional accents

Conkers BACK...
...In project spark... which is getting CO-OP creation, CO-OP story and space themes

RIGHT I think that's about it for now, We'll get back to you as we find more! Overall was a rather by the book show, wasn't many surprises thanks to the vast amount of leaks before E3. I was glade to see alot of ONLY FOR XBOX ONE, Maybe this New generation can finally get started

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