Tuesday, 10 June 2014

E3: Farcry 4 Trailers!

Well Farcry 3 you was great, you restored my faith in FPS games not being about grizzled, barrel chested one man armies spurting on about 'merica. Oh look Farcry 4!

First up with a look at the Villain Pagan Min played by Troy Baker (Booker from Bioshock, Joker from Arkham Origins). He's crazy but in a different way to Vas. The Above video is basically the first 5 minutes of the game.

Next up an gameplay walk though... WITH CO-OP! AND ELEPHANTS!

Co-op isn't a seperate mode, its the open world, story missions remain single player. The wing suit returns and a grapple hook is added to make getting around easier. Vehicles are more handy, Dshoot whilst driving and Vehicle takedowns

Abe's Take
Farcy 4 is looking fantastic!

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