Thursday, 5 June 2014

look out steam, Good Old Games launching Client

For years Steam dominated the digital PC market but in recent years rivals have appeared, Gamestop Digital, EA's Origin, GAMEware and Ubisoft's Uplay. All taking leafs out of Valves play book but a new rival dose thing's their own way.

Introducing Good Old Game's GALAXY client. A completely optional, Offline compatible, Non DRM client. the software will act as a launcher and updater, so games will work interdependently so no worries about cross play between Galaxy and stand alone users. The first Title on Galaxy will be Witcher: Adventure an pseudo table top RPG.

Now we're big fans of here, They not only have a cool selection of older games that are good (making the old games compatible with new OS and hardware) but they carry new games too. They don't believe in DRM nor regional pricing instead opting to swallow the difference themselves. GOG recently spoke out against steam's massive sales as they believe it effects the value of games and it's true on most game announcement's you'll see commenter's saying they'll wait until the Steam sales to buy the game

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