Monday, 9 June 2014

E3 2014: Bioware - Mass Effect 4

Most wasn't expecting any news on Mass Effect at E3, Would be foolish of EA and Bioware to show off the bigger of their two RPG series just before the smaller's release. But! we got something!

Yep we got a "conceptual prototype" look at Mass Effect 4 featuring an all new character. His race is unknown right now but considering his shape and N7 Armour think it's safe to say he's human.

apprently the thing fans wanted most of ME4 was to move on with a new story, ME4's story will head to a brand new part of the galaxy, and that it will allow new heroes to explore and discover an entirely new story that is different from Shepard’s now concluded adventure. so here's hoping no geth and or reapers.

There should hopefully be a Bioware video soon, where they will also talk about their new IP.... ooooh

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