Thursday, 18 February 2016

Rocky Horror Is getting a Mobile Game

One of the few benefits of mobile gaming (to core Gamers) is that it isn't constrained by things like "genre" or even IP's that are "active" even currently active IP's and now the ultimate glory is heading to mobile gaming... YOU WILL CLICK THE LINKS! DAMMIT

Yep looks like we've fallen in to a TIME WARP as the 1975 SCIENCE FICTION, DOUBLE FEATURE The Rocky Horror Picture Show is coming back as a touched based rhythm game perfectly titled "Touch Me". The title is in development by an independent UK studio called Rocket Lolly Games and they are describing it as a "tactile dance dance revolution" and will "give the experience of being a theater member in the show". This sounds like it will be inline with the cult classic's tone which will make it a "HOT PATOOTIE". We don't really know much such as if the legendary Tim Curry will reprise the role of Frankie but we do know we'll be OVER AT THE FRANKENSTEIN PLACE in 2017.

Abe's Take
Man I was exposed the The Rocky Horror at a young age and certainly had an effect in MAKING ME A MAN so this his huge for me (it also weirded the crap out of my friend).  Phew thankfully that's over its been hard twisting this article in order to hit as many RHPS song titles as possible, its been a hard job than.... crap.... TRANSVESTITE!!!

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