Friday, 26 February 2016

Pokemon Direct Details!

Today is the 26th of February 2016 just one day short of the 20th anniversary of Pokemon Red and Blue/Green's launch, so we was treated to a short Direct.

Lets get this out the way first. It was short: 5 minutes long and not a whole lot of actually shown. However it was pretty great, there was fantastic trailer showing highlights from the last 20 years. It filled me with joy and a sense of "oh boy do i feel old" at the same time. The (what was meant to be) big news was that Pokemon Sun and Moon will be launching "late" 2016 (more on that later) no real details or any footage was shown but the trailer suggests that all the Pokemon games have lead to these new titles, no idea what that means mind. So looks like yesterdays Poke leak was right on the money.

To me the big surprise and certainly had the greatest effect one me was... The 3DS virtual console versions of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow will actually support the Pokemon Bank app. Meaning for the first time Gen-1 Pokemon can join their Gen 3+ decedents. This not only explains the extra cost on these versions (vs normal VC GB games) and why GameFreak had done an 180 on "no Pokemon VC due to lack of trading".

Abe's Take
Today's direct was short and sweet but did something I had not planned. I now what the VC releases of Pokemon Red and hopefully Gold down the line to restore those 'mon lost in the "great reset" that was the GBA games.

In more rumour based news. Today's late 2016 release date for Pokemon Sun/Moon falls in line with MetalDave64's super leak. Not only that but all of MetalDave's Videos relating to that leak have disappeared from his YouTube channel. Now we don't know why his videos have disappeared but if he was asked to by someone it dose add weight to his information, why scrub fake rumours? So in summary his source nailed a previously unknown Disney Art Academy, a new Pokemon game in December and has now mysteriously disappeared.

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