Thursday, 18 February 2016

Final Fantasy NX rumours

There has been fan demand has been for a Final Fantasy VII remake ever since Sony showed off an PS3 tech demo based on it. Last year fans was delighted when it was confirmed it was finally happening on PS4 and it looked good... Until it was announced as an episodic release and suddenly greatness fell into worry and complaints, Square-Enix has yet to clear up the confusion stating only each episode would have "full game content" and has refused to give a price or details.

Now whats this about the NX? well a YouTuber (yeah this is happening) who has been rather good at nailing the rumours, SuperMetalDave64 is citing a source who isn't a dev but has passed on reliable information in the past. The rumour? Final Fantasy 7 Remake is getting a definitive/collected release on the NX along with Final Fantasy XV, the reason for the definitive status is that apparently the NX "surpasses" the PS4 in raw processing power.

Now this sounds a little off on first blush but it does however line up with other rumours and details.
  1. Square has been getting rather cosey with Nintendo recently with the Dragon Quest series seeing a lot of Nintendo love (Dragon Quest being more popular in Japan than FF). 
  2. Square Enix accidentally confirmed NX versions of Dragon Quest X and XI (before back tracking). 
  3. Cloud's Smash 4 cameo makes a heap of sense if FFVII was on it's way to a Nintendo system. Double if Smash 4 is getting an NX release/
  4. Square has been super cagey as to where FFVII-R was going after its timed exclusivity.
In other NX rumour news its being reported that the NX will support Unity and Unreal 4. Its a little worrying that this has to be reported as news and not expected by default. After all Unity is all ready supported on New 3DS and Wii U (along side X1 and PS4) and Unreal 4 is the engine of choice for third parties on X1 and PS4.

Abe's Take
Grabbing a couple of FF games would certainly help the NX grab attention and counter the Wii U's lack of RPG titles. There is also the wonderful symmetry that Final Fantasy 7 was originally an N64 title before it was poached by Sony (heres a look at the tech demo... warning its harsh) and it'd be fantastic to see Square pick up where it left of on Nintendo console. Also would be nice if some of these third party Smash amiibo characters had another use... looking at you Ryu and Cloud.

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