Thursday, 25 February 2016

Rumour: Pokemon outed?

So we have that Pokemon Direct tomorrow 3PM UK time, which may or may not be 5 minutes long. So for the those who wish to remain possibly ignorant about tomorrows presentation step away now. 

Psst... they left yet? cool! Right so it appears that someone has managed to dig up some possible reveal from tomorrow's direct by searching for Pokemon on trademark site. Surprisingly not only did two new games actually appear but they included their full titles and even their logo's that no doubt will appear on the cover art. (click to see them better)

So Pokemon Sun and Moon certainly do fit the typical Pokemon bill and also the logo's certainly continue their red vs blue trend of the logo designs. Could these be the title's that was listed in the marketing budget rumour? under code name Pokemon Rainbow?

Abe's Take
The timing of this couldn't be better but sadly trademarks like retail listing's aren't always proof of something actually happening, though the addition of the logo's certainly adds an extra heap of weight to these rumors.  I'm interested how this plays out, not only for the news of a new mainline pokemon game but this titles release date may confirm the validity of those rumours from MetalDave.

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