Thursday, 21 May 2015


Well as many of us brave the world of the Witcher another dark world is coming... swapping the fields of blood and monsters for the dark streets of... well blood and monsters but the people kind (though there is also some less people monster too). 

we're about a month away from the launch of Batman: Arkham Knight the finale part of the trilogy (ignoring the less awesome Arkham Origins) Rocksteady has been crafting since Arkham Asylum (the game not the equally awesome but unrelated book) and so we're starting to get videos that dont show the game but grab attention, such as this one.

In related news Amazon Pre-orders now include both the Harley Quinn story pack AND a new "Prototype Batmobile" skin, It can be grabbed HERE

Abe's Take
Yep that was odd but kinda sets up what the "ideal" of Batman. Now it would be funny if this trailer caused the decent people on trains and buses to pummel people being a pain (yes I'm talking to you burby-hat-boy sitting at the back playing your music on your phone WITHOUT earphones).

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