Saturday, 30 May 2015

RUMOUR: Silent Hills to live!?

We're back! I took a week off due to a birth but now I'm back (I'll be sure to give the rest of the team a kicking!). We return to a conflicting news story. Konami has issued an apology over it's "mobile first" comments (without actually retracting that new focus) but now an anonymous insider has a different story. WARNING: Prepare for potential screams of PS4 owners.

UPDATE: Xbox boss Phil Spencer has shot down the rumour.

"Sorry, this isn't true. Not sure where the rumor started but I don't want to mislead anyone."

So abandon all hope Silent Hill fans. Unless of cause if this is a Microsoft not xbox purchase like Minecraft, which would mean multiplatform release.

---Original Story Follows---

Speaking to Rooster Teeth the source says that Microsoft wants to save the Kojima X Del Toro horror game from cancellation and is prepared to spend "billions" to bring it EXCLUSIVELY to Xbox One in time for this years E3.

The source goes on to say that Konami wants out of the console business as fast as possible (Its likely that Konami still has money tied up in development) and its prepared to sell of its IP that can not be easily used in it's mobile games. The tipster goes on to say that the games is currently 80% finished and as an "act of good faith" Konami pulled PT (Silent Hills teaser demo) from the PSN store (even for those who wish to redownload it).

Abe's Take
This is all very interesting because there is a important questions if this is true. Will Kojima be involved? IF Microsoft buys just the game (billions seems a bit much for one game) would the rift between Kojima and Konami be too much? Obviously if Microsoft buys the IP as well then obviously Konami would be out of the equation. Obviously PS4 Silent Hill fans will be upset if this rumour is true.
In regards to this rumour MS buying the IP is the best outcome as its most likely to get the Del Toro/Kojima dream team together.

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