Saturday, 30 May 2015

Halo: ODST Drops In!

The Halo: Master Chief Collection just got it's title voided. As new DLC adds the first Halo spin off to the bumper collection.

Yep, The divisive Halo title joins Halo 1 - 4 on remastered in 1080p/60FPS on Xbox one today. Free if you bought the collection before December 9th and an awfully low £3.99 for everyone else. Why the low price? well ODST's instant classic Firefight mode is absent for the remaster.

Halo: ODST for those unaware is an spin off on Earth during the events of Halo 2. Instead of the traditional Spartan, players take on the role of a team of Orbital Drop Shock Troops. Players are greeted by a night time open world where they must discover the fate of their squad via flashbacks of the previous day. People either enjoyed the unique challenge of playing as a comparatively squishy human or hated feeling so depowered.

For those wishing to join in the fight from scratch the Halo: Master Chief Collection is currently £24.85 on Amazon, Seeing as the games earlier matchmaking problems (rather understandable due to over 100 maps) are now largely a thing of the past, it's a good price for a hell of a package.

Abe's Take
I enjoyed ODST spin on the Halo universe, The Firefly reunion cast alone is worth the price. ODST Buck not only has Nathan Fillion's voice but also his face. I wonder if 343i have left in Bungie's Destiny tease

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