Thursday, 14 May 2015

New 90's Arcade Racer Video Appears

If you was in an arcade in the 90's then you'll remember two types of machines that dominated the scene. The light gun cabinets like Namco's Time Crisis and huge hulking racing cabinets like Sega's Daytona USA. 

Even today they stand out because of their loose handling (instead of racing sims "tight" handling), bright colourful graphics and seemingly normal environments filled with plenty of set pieces (WHALE!) . One dev Pelikan13 decided to revive the genre on PC and Mobile and launched an kickstarter, which hit its modest goal. In order to reach it's potential veteran Indie devs/Publisher NICALiS (seriously click the link, even the site is dripping in retro epic) joined up with Pelikan13 and added Wii U to that list.

We've been eagerly awaiting this game ever since it was set for a 2013 release, then its 2014 release and now it's "sometime" 2015 release but the devs are gearing up and showing Wii U footage to their backers and evidently on YouTube.

As you can see almost every aspect of great 90's Arcade Racers has transitioned to the new game and it is shaping up to be not only a fantastic addition to the Wii U but also the retro Indie scene. Which is filled with 8/16-bit tributes like the brilliant Shovel Knight. (dear Indies could we see more Arcade and N64 style games. Please!)

Abe's Take
I've been desperate for this game ever since I first heard about it along time ago, I'm sure the others (who also stalked Arcades in the 90's) will be inline to download this when it FINALLY releases. Keep at it Pelikan13 and NICALiS!

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