Saturday, 23 May 2015

Could We Be Getting A Red Dead Redemption Sequel?

Back in 2010 a little slightly meh Red Dead Revolver got an exceptional sequel (but narratively divorced) Red Dead Redemption. Which took the classic GTA formula and gave it an western paint job... Which turned out to be possibly one of the top games on 360/PS3.

This nicely illustrate the horrors of cougars... the animal, not the women.
Now the studio behind RDR (Redemption not Revolver) Rockstar San Diego is hiring 36 new members across the multiple disciplines and tasks. The Graphics Programmer description makes it seem that this will be one very pretty game.

"develop new and enhance existing graphics technologies (rendering, lighting, shadows, shaders, culling, scene management and others) to help achieve state-of-the-art visuals. Work with others to expand our next-generation graphics pipeline including advanced lighting and rendering techniques, and special effects. This is an exciting opportunity to develop cutting-edge graphics and visual effect systems, working together with the art department to create optimal, attractive solutions for our games."

The original had an entertaining open world multiplayer (which now appears to be a prototype for GTA: online). The Network Programmer description paints an interesting picture for multiplayer.

Integrate dynamic multiplayer into all areas of gameplay. Extend and maintain core and mid-level solutions for efficient networking of complex open-world game environments. Work with the game project team to integrate networking technology into game projects, identify extensions to that technology, and create those improvements. Implement cross-platform abstractions for third-party online services, including Xbox Live and Sony NP. Work with external vendors to develop solutions using and/or extending their online service SDKs.

Of course it's possible this isn't Red Dead but a new game or a sequel to another Rockstar IP like Bully, Manhunt or L.A. Noire. However both Redemption and it's zombie themed DLC Undead Nightmare was massive successes and Rockstar did recently refer to Red Dead Redemption as a "permanent franchise" so a new entry in the series seems most likely.

Abe's Take
Red Dead Redemption was absolutely brilliant and been dying for a sequel, hopefully a sequel to it's DLC too and westerns genre in general (A western spin of Saint Rows has been demanded by GKUK members). If they bring the enhancements from GTA: Online to Red Dead's multiplayer I think i'd settle into that game world for at least a year. Online drunken bar brawls anyone?

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