Friday, 15 May 2015


The hype is certainly starting to swell as we approach Splatoon's launch. Apparently they want to give us another shot at the game before launch. 

Last week Nintendo treated the world to 3 one hour sessions to test their new servers. For those 3 separate hours Nintendo fans around the world splattered, sprayed and inked each other and had a lot of fun, we really did with Splatoon demo impressing us with it's quirky style and different mechanics to your normal online game.

Quick refresh of the game here in the oh-so-90's US trailer.

So Nintendo wants to give the server another roughing up on May 23rd at 11PM! GMT (3pm PST), which obviously is a slightly late for UK gamers but that the curse of global gaming. In related news Amazon now has stock of the special bundle of Splatoon and exclusive Squid Amiibo for pre-order.

Abe's Take
The first "test fire" sold me on the game but I'm happy to jump back on just to play it again before launch, I'm hoping the people who missed on the first test can jump onboard this time (a certain knight missed it because his HOURGLASS was left unturned).

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