Monday, 1 June 2015

Weridness: The Real Reason For No Minecraft Style Lego

A Minecraft style Lego game seems like such a logical (and rather lucrative) idea, it seems like such a massive oversight in their extensive gaming portfolio. But it seems they have their reasons.

That reason appears to be us gamers and an surprising cost. Former coder from the now canceled Lego Universe MMO, Megan Fox (this is humorous considering the upcoming issue) says the single largest cost of was removing...

Yep. Single. Largest. Cost. Let's all let that sink in there. Lego has to pay people to go though Lego Universe and remove blocky nobs . Now I know that you're thinking "Surely a computer could recognize and delete it?" but as it turns out penis builders are extremely creative and persistent. Hiding trouser snakes so they can be viewed only in certain conditions, comprised of multiple separate structures, and generally defeating the filter. Apparently it caused such an issue Lego is permanently turned off to the idea of an online creation game.

Obviously for such a company aimed at young (and not so young) children this is a big deal. Lego works hard in earning the trust of parents and unsurprising parents get a little upset when their child discovers a wang. Where as Minecraft's online servers have always been basically lawless and rather todger filled.

Abe's Take
It is rather telling/worrying that the first response to infinite creativity in public view is often "do a wang!". However the fact that Lego Universe had official anti dong removers is still very, very funny.

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